Science journal



Scientific specialties and their corresponding branches of science, for which the publication is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of sciences, for the degree of doctor of sciences should be published:
Physical and mathematical sciences
  • 1.1.1. Real, complex and functional analysis
  • 1.1.3. Geometry and topology
  • 1.1.6. Computational mathematics
  • 1.1.8. Mechanics of a deformable solid
  • 1.1.9. Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma
Earth Sciences
  • 1.6.4. Mineralogy, crystallography. Geochemistry, geochemical methods of mineral prospecting
  • 1.6.6. Hydrogeology
  • 1.6.12. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
  • 1.6.13. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
  • 1.6.15. Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
  • 1.6.16. Land hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry
  • 1.6.17. Oceanology
  • 1.6.18. Atmospheric and climate sciences

Rules for authors

1. The article for the journal “Izvestiya Vuzov. Severo-Kavkazskii Region” must be accompanied by the institution representation in which the work was performed, and signed by the authors. Materials for publication may be submitted to the editor:

by e-mail:;
by personally: Rostov-on-Don, Stachki Ave, 200/1, Bldg. 2, office 110.

2. The following must be attached on a separate sheet:

- information about the authors in Russian and English (first name, last name, place of employment, position, academic degree, title, home, office and e-mail addresses, phone numbers (if there are several authors, indicate with whom to correspond);
- summary in Russian and in English (1500-2000 signs 150-200 words; it is necessary to specify clearly the subject, purpose, objectives and results of the study);
- the article title and the authors' names in English;
- UDC index;
- keywords in Russian and in English (8-10).

Units should be made in accordance with the International System of Units (SI).

3. The articles must be at least 8 and no more than 15 typed pages, including tables, references (no more than 15 sources) and images (up to 5).

4. The article must be done in the MicroSoft Office Word (.doc or .docx); 1.5 line spacing; font size 14 pt, Times New Roman; all margins - 2.5 cm. Do not use signs of forceline-break and extra spaces. The equation could take a half-line. Large equations must be split into multiple lines. Vector quantities and matrixes are allocated directly in bold. The article must contain only the most essential equations. Equations must be sequentially numbered.

5. Each table must be titled; only standard abbreviations are allowed. One table should take a half-line and do not exceed one page. The number of tables must not exceed the number of pages.

Images, graphs and diagrams are located in the folder «Images». Each caption should be in a separate text file with the location specified. Colour images can be arranged at an additional cost.

6. References should be given in order of appearing them in the article. The text must contain bracketed references only on published materials. Foreign sources are given in the original language. When referring to an electronic resource is indicated reference date.

References are made according to GOST (all-Union State Standard) 7.0.5-2008. The list of references must be duplicated in English.

It is recommended to verify articles via Antiplagiat program on

Failure to comply with the manuscript registration and computer typesetting delays its publication.

Financial conditions and payment

The article, writing according to our rules, after receipt by the editorial Board is mandatory reviewed and approved by the editorial Board. The review usually lasts 2-4 weeks. If a positive review is received, the article is included in the next issue. If there are comments, the article sent to the author for revision. In case of a positive decision it will be necessary to fill in the author's contract and pay for the publication.

1 page (1800 characters, including spaces) costs 770 rubles. Payment can be made by the organization (in this case it is necessary to specify its details for registration of payment documents) or by authors (we will send the receipt for payment through Bank). For full-time graduate students 50% discount is provided, if the graduate student is the only author.

Free author's copy of the journal is sent to the address specified by the author